Stargazing Tours Mandarin

Mandarin Stargazing Tours from $75 – $95 NZD | 1.5 hours

Silver River™ Stargazing is Tekapo’s leading small group 360° stargazing tour.

Please note: This tour is guided in MANDARIN. If you do not speak Mandarin, you’ll want to hit the ‘Back to Tours button and check out our English version. No worries, mate. We won’t tell anyone.

Are you ready to have your mind blown? Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Come and discover the wonders of the night sky on our 1.5-hour experience; including 60 mins under the stars with one of our epic guides. We use powerful 14” telescopes and special Astro-lasers for easy naked-eye viewing. After we take you on a journey through our night sky, your awesome guide will take a photo of your group under the stars, capturing that picture-perfect moment. And our gift to you? You get a digital copy of that image so you can share with your family and friends, and of course on social media 🙂

But wait, we’re not done. The perks of our tours keep on coming! Our ratio of telescopes to guests is tiny; one of the lowest in the Tekapo region. Meaning, everyone ( all 11 of you!) will have plenty of time on the telescopes with your astronomy guide to ensure your questions are answered. Have kids? AWESOME. We are super passionate about showing the night sky with the kiddos (any age can join our tours). It’s our mission to make sure no kids leave Tekapo without experiencing the stars. They are THAT cool.

P.S. Our stargazing locations are super dark, with the least light pollution in Tekapo. We’re pretty pumped to be located in the Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve (big kid words for some of the darkest skies in the WORLD. No biggie.) and be able to share it with you. Pretty cool right?

P.P.S. You may have noticed that our prices start from $75 and go up to $95. Well, we’ve got a secret to tell you. The later the tour, the lower the cost. Seriously, night owls, you are finally being rewarded for loving the late night! Go and check our tour times and prices out for yourself.

Please note: Your credit card will be charged in NZD. Children rates are for ages 5-15. 16+ are considered an adult. Photos taken during the tour will be uploaded to our public Flickr account for you to access and download. We will occasionally use these photos on our social media platforms and website to showcase the tour experience. Participation in tour photos is voluntary. 

For our cancellation policy please read our Terms & Conditions.

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