The Silver River™ Van is here!

The Silver River™ Van is here!

It all started with a road trip…

Our journey started in Auckland and took us to Hobbiton (to visit our Hobbit friends, of course.) and down the North Island. We coasted onto the ferry at Welly with just enough petrol to get us off the boat in Picton! It was a crazy adventure with the team, full of laughs, karaoke, dance parties, and a lot of 80’s music.

We saw beautiful landscapes all across the entire country and got to really bond as a team. We took turns driving our awesome new van, and let us tell you, she’s a real beaut. We dropped her off at Adgraphix in Christchurch to spiff her up and voila! Look at her now. She’s new and sparkly and we couldn’t be happier.

Book a tour with us and you’ll get a chance to say hello and enjoy her spacious interior, huge windows and air conditioning. (Crucial for summer!) What do ya think? Liking our new design?

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