Where is Silver River™ Stargazing located?
  • Silver River™ Stargazing office is located at 48a D’archiac Drive, Lake Tekapo. We share the same check-in point as Lake Tekapo Farm Tours and Isolation Bay Luxury Accommodation.
What does your tour involve?

Currently, Silver River™ Stargazing offers two amazing stargazing tour options:

  • Our 75 Minute stargazing tour has been designed for people who do not have much time, are budget conscious and what to have a great experience under the Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve looking at our amazing night sky. This tour includes transport to/from Silver River’s check-in point. Warm full-length jackets, a group photo under the stars and a 60 minute guided tour under the stars including the use of our amazing modern computerised telescopes – depending on the night you may even learn how to drive the telescope too! 360-degree views are a given and our tours are capped at 11 people per tour, so you will have more time on telescopes and more time with your knowledgeable guide without the giant price tag!
  • Our 180 Minute astrophotography tour is for beginners wanting to take the first steps into photographing the night sky, or experienced photographers looking to improve their skills. Let us guide you through the night with an amazing Astrophotography tour. You will be introduced to many different types of telescopes and equipment, all of what you will be able to use to take deep space images, landscape astrophotography time-lapse imaging. This tour is capped at 4 people per tour. We have available DSLR cameras, but you are welcome to bring your own if you like!
Where can I access the photos from my tour?
  • Photos that are taken during your tour are uploaded to our public Flickr account where you can access and download from your desktop. If you are accessing Flickr from your mobile, you will need to download the free Flickr app. Each person who booked a tour will be emailed after the tour with a link to Flickr to access photos. Please keep in mind this may take 24-48 hours. Photos taken during your tour will occasionally be used on our social media platforms and on our website to showcase the tour experience. Participation in tour photos is voluntary. .
What time do the tours start?
  • Due to seasonality and Daylight Savings, our tour times change regularly with the season. Check out our Book Now page and select a date and the times will show up with availability.
Does your tour cancel if we cannot see the night sky?
  • In short – YES, it would be rather pointless looking at clouds on a stargazing tour! At the time of cancelling our staff will look at weather conditions and may put on additional tours to ensure capacity for all / some guests, if a front of weather is looking like it is slow moving, you will be offered to transfer to a different departure time/date that is available and if you are not able to transfer to another time, we will offer you a Full Refund. If the sky is partially cloudy, your guide will make the choice to whether the tour is to go ahead or not. All decisions made are always with you – the guest – in mind.
  • If the tour has been cancelled in advance due to adverse weather or events beyond our control, we will advise you via email that you have provided. If your agent has not provided your email or phone number to us, we will inform your travel agent.
I need to cancel my tour, what is your refund policy?

Flexibility is the key to our tours. Please check the our Terms & Conditions for our refund & reschedule policy.

Do you supply warm jackets?
  • We sure do! We have a limited supply of jackets available in many sizes for use during the tours. As we can not guarantee your size, we suggest you dress warmly / to the conditions and if your size is available, you can make use of our warm full length down jackets.
What are the ages for children?
  • Anyone from age 3 till 15 (inclusive) are classified as a child. Age 16 and beyond are classified as an adult. Infants are welcome to join us on the tours, however, you will need to book them in as they take a seat upon the transport. We limit 1 infant per tour departure. Caregivers will need to supply a car seat for the infant. To book your infant you will need to call 027 900 0335 or 0800 782 742 or email us: hello@silverriver.co.nz
Are you located in the Aoraki Mackenzie Dark Sky Reserve?
  • We sure are! We have over 25,000 acres of 100% pure darkness to choose from when conducting stargazing tours! Meaning our stargazing sites are not just dark, they are really really dark! We even support the IDA the International Dark Association too and their efforts they provide to assist dark sky reserves around the world.
I heard your business is a Living Wage provider, what does this mean?
  • You heard correct! Silver River™ Stargazing is very proud to be the very first tourism and hospitality operator to offer our staff a Living Wage within the Mackenzie Region. Being a Living Wage provider means we pay staff a higher fairer wage. In turn, this shows we care about our staff, the tourism industry and our community. Learn more about the Living Wage at www.livingwage.org.nz
What tours are suitable for the family?
  • Whilst all tours are suitable for the family, we suggest the earlier tours are more suitable for the young ones. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. In the name of safety, if the weather is very cold, windy or we are experiencing extreme weather conditions (freezing cold), an infant with caregiver maybe turned away with a full refund issued.
What if I am late for the tour?
  • If you are running late and the tour has already departed, you will not be permitted to join the tour. Check-in time is 15 minutes before tour departure time. If you NO SHOW for your scheduled departure, Silver River™ Stargazing has the right to put other guests in your spot. Tours have to run to a strict timetable. You will not be eligible for a refund.
What happens if there is an emergency?
  • Our staff are trained to deal with incidents and in case of an emergency, you should listen to their instructions. We always have a staff member on duty who is a qualified first aider and all staff are trained in our safety procedures.